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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 17, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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disaster in texas tonight. buildings burn after a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. 60 to 70 people are dead, many more injured. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with breaking news. a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant at a small town in texas has leveled dozens of buildings tonight, and killed dozens of people. the smogs happened in the town
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of west. just north of waco. it was at 8:00 central time. it's not clear exactly what happened. one resident of the town reports that there was a fire at the fertilizer plant, and when someone sprayed water on it, the building exploded. that blast rippled across town, between 75, and 100 buildings near the plant were leveled, and caught fire. injuries are extensive. as many as 200 people were hurt. take a look here. a spotlight shows an apartment building and its upper floor appears to have been obliterated by fire. listen now as firefighters called dispatch, and dispatched response. >> we have many people down. >> i'm getting everybody i can. >> this image of the blast was
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posted on twitter this evening, you can see the incredibly large plume of smoke as that plant blew up. right now, emergency workers are using a high school as a triage center. first responders evacuated more than 100 people trapped in a nursing home near the plant. the town's emergency services director reports 60 to 70 people are dead. of the 200 people injured, at least 40 are said to be suffering grave injuries. officials are asking people to evacuate the town because of concerns about ammonia fumes. stay with ktvu. we will be updating this story throughout tonight's newscast. now to our continuing coverage of the boston bombings, and what may be a major development tonight. we're learning aauthorities are circulating images of not one, but two men with backpacks spotted near the finish line of the marathon. >> reporter: there was a flurry
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of activity today, indicating officials were ready to make a major announcement, but a scheduled news conference was postponed, then canceled. the image is said to show one leaving a backpack near the finish line. there's no indication authorities have learned the men's name, or other details, a boston tv station obtained other pictures of one of the men fleeing the bomb site, his clothes are ripped. he moves dazed through the crowd. the man who took the pictures has his theories. >> either he was badly burned and panicked and flying, other he was fleeing for some other reason. >> we're all seeing more images of the bomb components. pictures of this battery and wire were released, as were images of the shrapnel placed inside the pressure cookers. >> on the rooftop, there i found what appeared to be a hub
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cab, kind of smoking and later on the news last night, we saw that it might have been a pressure cooker type bomb, and i quite possibly had found a lid to that thing and i gave it to the atf guys outside. >> i think what law enforcement has been identify to identify the devices so quickly is a good sign. >> reporter: the burning question remains, who did this? >> i think the things we need from the public are patience. patience at a time when we are impatient for an answer. >> reporter: the jitters continue in boston. the federal courthouse was evacuated for several hours after a bomb threat was phoned in. no bomb was found. and a hospital was evacuated after someone noticed an unattended car with case begans inside. again, it was determined there was no threat. live in the newsroom, ken wayne. >> in two minutes, we will take
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you to a bay area forensics lab. find out why cell phone video is often more helpful than video from surveillance cameras. tonight, we're learning more about the young graduate student killed on monday. boston university identified her today at lingzi lu. a chinese national who was studying math and statistics. friends say she was 23 years old. lu had gone to the marathon with two friends. one of whom was injured and now hospitalized. she -- her professors describe her as a vivacious, outstanding student. friends say she was optimistic, and outgoing, that she was a fan of the band nirvana, and that she loved spring time in boston. we're getting late word tonight from the mother of the 11-year-old boy in martinez who was injured by shrapnel in the bombings. she said aaron hern is improving, and his breathing
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tube has been removed. today's surgery went well, and all of his wounds are now closed. she says the next big concern is infection. ktvu caught up with a family friend at boston's children's hospital this evening. he says the hern family is holding up as well as they can under the strain. >> they're taking it day by day. aaron's health is improving day by day. but as everyone that's been injured, it's a challenge. small steps every day. >> aaron's mother said she wasn't sure if her son would be able to sleep well tonight. he is now dealing with confused feelings and difficult memories of the bombing. >> the hern family is not alone in their ordeal. the people of martinez are showing their support. several restaurants are holding fundraisers. the compass star a cafe is donating all of its proceeds to the family this week.
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>> we feel that one of our own was injured, and we want to help out. >> mountain lake's pizza is also chipping in 30% of its proceeds tonight through sunday are going to the herns. many pay tonights say they feel inspired to help, even though they don't persony know the family. rocks on main street is donating all of its profits on tuesday until aaron comes home. five kinder barbeque restaurants in contra costa county are pledging 15% of their profits. as we just showed you, the compass star, and mountain mike's. a key component in the bombing in boston is all the video taken. new at 10:00, amber lee talked with a video forensic expert who had insight into how video helps some crimes. >> reporter: frank, we're at napa's river front.
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we can see a surveillance camera over there, monitoring the public. now in the event of a crime that video and images from a cell phone are more and more likely to lead to a suspect. >> i would be looking for something to measure and calculate his height. i would be liking at the frame rate of the video. >> reporter: steve bowler showed us how enhancing grainy surveillance video can help investigators. >> clothing would be a factor too that i would be looking at. >> reporter: details that can help identify the shape of a person's face, clothing, or even what the person is holding in his hands. forensic experts, and police tell me video is often invaluable in situations such as the boston bombing. >> there's just so many videos out there. yeah, i think they'll find something. >> reporter: an advocate for the evidence in seeking truth.
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saying video forensics is a tool in finding the perpetrator and exonerating the accused. a team of people not only looking at surveillance video, but those from cell phones, which usually offer better quality. >> surveillance videos capture the incident, which is far away, but typically, somebody has a cell phone, capturing of the incident, they're relatively close. >> oftentimes we need to go to the scene and take our own measurements and come back to the lab and do the calculations. >> tonight, san francisco police told me this surveillance tape of a man attacking a woman at a muni platform shows him wearing a common black hoody, when it was enhanced, it showed it had a white piping and that's what helped lead the investigators
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to the suspect. reporting live in napa, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have surveillance video tonight that oakland police say shows a suspected child molester near the scene of his cream. these images come from cameras in the area of 10th and oak streets near chinatown. the man gained entry into an apartment saying he was a repairman and began molesting a 7-year-old girl. when that girl screamed, a family member ran into the room and the man ran off. the suspect is described as a white male. he had paint splatters on his clothes and it said to be in his early to mid-50s. 6feet tall with brown hair and a white beard. more developing news right now, learning about an officer involved shooting in san francisco. it happened on the 900 block of deharrow street. shortly before 10:00. that's just a few minutes ago. we already have a crew on the way, and we'll bring you more details during this newscast.
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>> the fbi arrested a mississippi man tonight in connection with the suspicious letters sent to the capitol that tested positive for the poison ricin. the fbi has identified the suspect as 45-year-old paul kevin curtis of corinth, mississippi. a sheriff in mississippi says there is a clear link among all three letters. >> there are great consistencies and similarities to the two letters, and the information that we received from the federal people that senator wicker and president obama received. >> more tests are being done on the letters. more details now about the poison ricin. it comes from the bean of the caster oil plant, and it is deadliest when inhaled. it could be used to kill an
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individual, but would not work for a large group of people, and does not pass from person to person. there is only one known assassination using ricin. in 1978, a bulgarian dissident. sabotage in the south bay. new details on the attacks on two crucial utilities. why investigators think they were you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington, but this effort is not over. >> a visibly angry president obama stands with the families of those killed in the newtown massacre. the president isn't the only one blasting the senate for narrowly rejecting the measure. heather holmes is live where those fighting to reduce gun violence are also disappointed. >> julie, there are countless memorials like this one in oakland, in honor of shooting vick tills. there is frustration amongst gun advocates here. from the senate chambers to the
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white house. >> how can something have 90% support, and yet not happen? >> reporter: those pushing for stricter gun laws lashed out at senators who today shot down a measure to expand background checks for gun buyers. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this. >> reporter: president obama -- >> they claimed it would create some sort of big brother gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite. >> reporter: the president was hopeful that the political climate about gun control was in his favor. following the school shooting massacre in newtown, despite polls showing overwhelming support for the idea, the proposal was rejected. >> we'll return home now, disappointed, but not defeated. we return home with the
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determination that change will happen. >> reporter: those also hoping for change. oakland's unity council, which deployed safety ambassadors in the fruitvale area. >> the reality that we face every day, i think whatever power we have to get guns off the street is better for us. >> reporter: late today, the nra released a statement saying quote, the amendment would have criminalized certain transfers of firearms for honest citizens, requiring life long family members to get federal permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution. frank and julie, the president vows to keep fighting. early this morning, a bipartisan group of senators formally filed legislation for immigration reform. the bill was sponsored by the so-called gang of 8. it aims to secure the borders while creating an option for undocumented immigrants to
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become citizens. the senate judiciary committee has scheduled hearings on friday and monday to begin to debate on that bill. students, staff, and lawmakers joined in the effort to save city college of san francisco. >> city college offers opportunities to the diverse and working class communities in san francisco. >> san francisco supervisors eric mar, and malia coen have come up with a resolution to ensure that all the money from proposition a be used to restore cuts as prop a intended. the group is asking the remaining supervisors to pass the vote in a resolution. city college has lost 53 until dollars over the past five years. oakland city leaders revealed their budget proposal. $1billion a year for each of the next two years. mayor jean quan called it a fair budget. the proposal includes two more
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police academies, however, the city will still need to eliminate about 80 positions. the deadline for a new budget is june 30, and the public will be able to weigh in before then. investigators revealed new information today in the sabotage of two south bay utilities. they now believe that the attacks on a power station and the key fiberoptic line were part of a coordinated plan. the high powered weapon and the strategy that the attackers used. >> it's going to take weeks before this pg and e substation near metcalf road in south san jose is fully cleaned up and repaired after someone used a high powered rifle to shoot holes in the system. shortly before that, the sheriff says someone went down two manholes to cut two sections of an at&t fiberoptic line. >> at first, it was the phone lines that went down. then a few minutes after that,
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data lines also went down, which also sometimes means surveillance cameras. about 10 or 15 minutes after that was the shooting up of the power plant. >> reporter: pg and e says no customers lost power, but at&t users were not so fortunate. local law agencies struggled with the loss of the 911 system. a ripple effect throughout the bay area. cgb enterprises in san carlos runs i.t. services for small businesses and says its clients in gilroy were basically stranded. >> it basically meant they couldn't operate for an entire business day. which is detrimental to them, it's detrimental to us. >> reporter: today, offering a $250,000 reward to capture and convict whoever is responsible. the sheriff says investigators are still looking at pg and e surveillance video. in santa clara county, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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recently, uncovered documents show the problem with the bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge could have been prevented years ago. documents released by the california department of transportation show that caltran's engineers ordered tests in 2008 that could have revealed the problems. but the tests were never done, because the contractor reportedly said they weren't needed. officials say repairing the bolts is going to take time and will also be very expensive. it was slightly warmer out there today. these were the observed national weather service highs may have been warmer in your neighborhood. 72 in napa. 72 in santa rosa. it will be warmer tomorrow. temperatures outside, 47 in napa right now. 49 in pacifica. 55 in santa rosa. kind of mild right now. but temperatures will become cooler. overnight lows tonight that will easily get down into the mid-40s. the winds are dying down, that
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less wind will sort of facilitate the cooler morning start. daytime highs tomorrow, a good 5 to 8 degrees warmer than they were today. when i come back, specific numbers on your thursday forecast. we'll talk about a long term warm up. a powerful explosion rocks central texas. we are staying on top of the story, and working to bring you new information in 8 minutes. but up first -- >> employees at a bay area
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executives and employees are appalled at a connection to the boston bombing. how the company has reached out
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to investigators. >> reporter: this photo gave the company's vice president a shock when he checked the news about 9:00 a.m. >> i was appalled when i saw this, this morning, once i saw the picture on the page, i contacted the boston police department as well as the fbi. >> reporter: he says the sub c sized batteries are typically sold to hobbyists for radio controlled cars and trucks. he has sold them at retail stores, online and overseas. >> these devices were really designed for toys. to bring people joy. and to see it used in a horrific way was terrible. >> reporter: each battery does have a unique serial number on them, but they are usually used to trace them back for quality control. not to point of sale. this connection to the boston
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attack has stunned the 80 employees here in the fremont headquarters. >> clearly, everyone here is sad, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the boston community in general. >> reporter: they are still waiting to hear back from the boston police and the fbi. in fremont, ktvu, channel 2 news. in southern california, dozens of people took part in an impromptu tribute run for boston. the run started at the santa monica pier. the call had gone out on facebook just yesterday, one nonrunner joined in saying she just wanted to be there to wave the american flag. last night, the san francisco runners club paid tribute with a similar run through the sunset district. the route they chose spelled out the word boston. some ran in this week's boston marathon, all came home safe. the u.s. stock markets tumbled today for the second
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time this week. wiping out most of yesterday's gain. the nasdaq fell 59. bank, energy, and technology stocks led in the declines. for a time today, apple shares fell below $400. they ended the day down more than $23 a share and way down from apple's all-time high of $705 a share. fresh and easy says it is closing its u.s. stores. fresh and easy has more than 200 stores in california, nevada, and arizona, including several here in the bay area. the closures are expected to cost the company nearly $2 billion. fresh and easy says it hopes to sell the stores and save the jobs of its workers. new developments in the
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case of audrey pott. >> first, the latest on our breaking news out of texas. we've been monitoring a late briefing in the past few minutes. what we've learned about the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant.
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more now on tonight's breaking news out of texas. where there has been a massive explosion in a fertilizer plant. initial reports indicate 60 to 70 people were killed, and more than 100 others injured. the explosion happened in the town of west. about 80 miles south of dallas.
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we heard from a texas member of public safety. he said the explosion and fire leveled 50 to 75 buildings in the neighborhood and reduced a 50 unit apartment building to rubble. he says a house to house search will continue there through the night. >> i walked through the blast area, i searched some houses earlier tonight. massive, just like iraq. just like the murray building in oklahoma city. you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking at out there. >> the town's ems director says as many as 60, to 70 people are dead. officials are now trying to evacuate 2800 people from the town, fearing they could become ill from ammonia fumes from the burning plant. no firefighters are in the plant right now, because it is too dangerous. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. ktvu morning news will have the very latest information coming
12:01 am
out of texas. it all begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. an update now on our developing news in san francisco, where there's been an officer involved shooting that happened in the past 30 minutes. ktvu news crew just arrived on scene in the 900 block of deharrow street in the city's potrero neighborhood. we're working to find out what happened. so far, police are keeping us back from the scene. you can see in these live pictures, the yellow crime scene tape. the shooting happened just before 10:00 tonight, so far, we've heard one person was shot, but we do not know what led to the officer opening fire. the family of a saratoga high school student who committed suicide has filed a suit against the school district. the district for the first time is providing details about its handling of the incident. >> reporter: the school district for the first time
12:02 am
released this four page statement. it's its first response. in a statement, the high school district said it notified the school body of audrie potts death over the pa system on august 12. this student recalled that somber announcement. >> one of our classmates, audrie potts died, and everybody went quiet. >> reporter: her family says the saratoga high sophomore killed herself after being sexually assaulted by three friends who are now chargewide sharing photos of the incident. two of them were taken off the football team. no further actions have been taken, because school districts cannot suspend or expel because of incidents that happened out of school. >> but if somehow those photographs are being
12:03 am
disseminated on a school campus about a student at that school. that's clearly having to do with the school. >> reporter: the legal analyst said you can't hold them responsible for something they don't know about. tonight, adding it is clear to us that the district is more interested in protecting its image, than in taking responsibility for its lack of actions in audrie's case. according to the statement, the boys parents agree the boys will not return to campus until the investigation is finished. four men arrested have been arrested in connection with a brutal attack on a fremont woman earlier this year. police say 54-year-old paul singh hired three men to attack his wife. police say they attacked the woman in front of her home, striking her in the head and face with a mallet.
12:04 am
further investigation revealed a third suspect helped plan that attack. all four men are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated mayhem, and conspiracy. friends and family of a transgender person who died during a clash with police are demanding some answers. >> please do not forget kayla when you walk away from here today. >> xavier moore, also known as kayla died last february during an altercation with the berkely police department. tonight, friends and family celebrate would would have been moore's 42nd birthday. they're asking police to release more information about the night moore died. >> the police seemed to be acting in a way that gives the impression of a cover-up. >> family members say moore was a paranoid schizophrenic who also suffered from post traumatic stress disease. new details about the motive in the deadly shooting of an off duty paramedic in the
12:05 am
oakland hills two weeks ago. today, three of the five teen suspects appeared in court to face murder charges in the death of 34-year-old quinn boyer. oakland police chief, howard boarden tells ktvu the attempted carjacking that turned deadly was motivated by fun. >> it's tragic that kids think robbing and shooting people is something fun to do. >> two of the suspects in the case are 14 years old. two others have just 15 years old, and another is 16 years old. the three suspects who appeared in juvenile court for a detention hearing are due back in court on june 4. in news of the world tonight, in syria, president bashar assad accused of united states of backing al-qaeda in his country's civil war. he said the west will pay a heavy price for that, but the syrian leader did not offer any
12:06 am
evidence. the white house has been reluctant to arm rebels. in london, world leaders past and present attended the funeral of margaret thatcher. the bishop of london mentioned the strong feelings that thatcher evokes, but said this is not the time, or place for a debate on her legacy. thatcher was britain's first, and so far only prime minister. she died last week at the age of 87. in new zealand, there were cheers when parliament legalized same sex marriage. the vote was 77 to 44. new zealand is now the 13th country in the world to do so, and the first in the asia pacific, region. in one town, gays and lesbians dressed in wedding gowns and tossed bouquets to celebrate. listening to arguments on
12:07 am
whether california's law banning so-called gay conversion therapy from minors is constitutional. opponents of the law say it interferes with religious practices and violates free speech rights. state attorneys defending the ban say the state has the right to prohibit practices, considered harmful to minors. don't drink and drive. it is a strong message to teenagers. how new numbers show, taking away the keys isn't enough.
12:08 am
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for years, parents and schools have sent a clear message to teens, don't drink
12:10 am
and drive. surprising new numbers show a car crash is no longer the biggest risk teens tend to take when they drink and get behind the wheel. >> reporter: a pair of smashed up cars. a mock accident meant to keep teens from getting behind the wheel when they're drunk. >> we seem to think as a community that our teens are at most risk after they consume alcohol by getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: that doesn't seem to be the case. according to new statistics out today from mothers against drunk driving. most teen deaths from drunk driving don't happen on the roads. 68% happened for other reasons, homicides, suicides, and alcohol poisonings. hoping these numbers will get parents paying attention. >> those have to be addressed. my message to those parents who think that taking away the keys takes away the risks, it doesn't. >> reporter: anti-drunk driving campaigns aimed at teens have
12:11 am
helped to curb deadly crashes. they're down 50% over the last decade. now m.a.d.d. will try to teach teens about the other problems. >> your judgment is off when your under the influence of alcohol, so you will make bad decisions. >> reporter: the representative for m.a.d.d. tells me, teenage drinking numbers have remained flat. that's why parents need to have an open discussion with their kids about alcohol and all the risks involved. in mountain view, alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. the man accused of killing an oakland rapper and two other people in a shooting, and fiery crash on the las vegas strip was in court today. prosecutors are seeking considering the death penalty. his defense attorneys say he
12:12 am
plans to plead not guilty. new information now on a fatal hit-and-run in san rafael. the victim, joseph price ran across lanes of highway 101 last night. the chp says he was hit by one driver who stopped, but price's body was flung into another lane, where he was hit approximate by a second car, and that driver sped away. the chp is now looking for a silver, or gray sedan, with front end damage. >> in two minutes. we take you
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more now on the breaking news out of texas, where a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant has left dozens of people dead, and more than 100 injured. the blast could be felt 45 miles away. the mayor of the small town of west says it was like a nuclear bomb went off. authorities are going house to house looking for surviverrers or people who were trapped. they're also trying to evacuate the remainder of the town because of concerns about ammonia fumes and fear of another explosion. authorities say they won't have casualty numbers until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the town's emergency director says as many as 60 to 70 people have died and we do know that some first responders are among those who were killed. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. our morning news will have the very latest information from texas, beginning at 4:30 a.m. san francisco's new
12:16 am
exploratorium held its new grand opening today. building this new facility at pier 15 cost $300 million. >> reporter: just like the old exploratorium, a ringing of the bell signifies the opening for the new one. the world's famous exploratorium is back and better than before. >> i feel like a kid in a family who's just move today san francisco, and about to be shown his or her bedroom. you kind of get really excitedment. >> reporter: the museum officials along with city and state leaders attended the grand reopening ceremony. they along with parents see the museum at not only a fun place to be. >> the amount of gas that's
12:17 am
inside, that becomes set. >> reporter: a stepping stone to advance students in science. >> you don't want to be the best of the best. you want to be the only one who does what you do. i think of that quote in the context of today. >> reporter: the building itself has 6,000 solar panels to generate power. more than 600 exhibits both inside and out, some you may have grown up with. on top of the older exhibits, there's some newer ones as well, including this parabolic mirror. i'm going to give myself a high five. >> wondering what new exhibits are out here. >> reporter: they are expecting rather large crowds this week, especially this weekend. if you plan on coming down, there is a parking lot right across the street, but they say the best way to come down is through bart. here in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu, channel 2 news. only people chosen to test the new google glasses will be allowed to experience the new devices.
12:18 am
that's because if those glasses are shared in any capacity, google says it will deactivate them. the devices began rolling out this week, and several thousand people paid $1,500 each to be among the first to try them. temperatures today warmed a little over yesterday. there were some breezes today, but not as windy as yesterday, and the warming trend is beginning, or has begun. 70 in morgan hill. a little warmer today. a little warmer tomorrow. the jet stream is set up like this. it's set up a pattern that sends everything north of the area. so we're looking for dry conditions into this high pressure zone right here. we are setting up for warmer, drier weather. there's no coastal fog to speak of right now. just really, kind of nice out there, the winds are dying down as i speak. it will be a little breezy tonight, but not as much as we saw last night, and by tomorrow, less wind as well.
12:19 am
sunny skies and warmer for thursday. mid-70s tomorrow easy. maybe upper 70s, as well. we could see some mid-80s towards the end of the weekend. overnight lows, as the winds die down, overnight lows end up in the upper 30s, and low 40s. it will be chilly again tonight. you'll notice it especially in the north and east bay valleys. forecast highs tomorrow, we're looking for yellows. those are your 70s, oranges are 80s. greens are 60s. going to be definitely a warmer day 2078. more sun tomorrow than we had today. higher temperatures as well. high pressure sets up as we go through your thursday. with that high pressure, the air sinks, and it warms. the warming air will definitely get us in a much nicer weather pattern. the tree pollens are bothering everybody, or most people. inland temperatures are going to be near 80. this pattern continues into the bay area weekend. 80 in gilroy, 80 in morgan hill, the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in
12:20 am
view, plenty warm. there's no rain in the forecast, some cool overnight lows. daytime highs tomorrow, warmer than they were today. you can see here as the weekend comes in view, you've got temperatures in the mid-80s. it's going to be nice out there. >> time to wash that car. mark is here now, a tough one tonight in the 9th inning, the giants couldn't pull it off. >> yeah, you know, they're not used to losing ballgames like this. on their way to a couple of world championships, the giants didn't do a whole lot of, well, let's call them brain freezes, and defensive errors. give baseball games away with bad d. tonight is a rare occasion. down 3-1. haven't had a hit off kyle lohse until this inning. a two out clutch single, up the middle by hunter pence. into the 9th, one out, one on. carlos gomez to the hole. brandon crawford, ill-advised
12:21 am
throw to first. he threw it away. runners at second and third. they walked the bases loaded. casilla's first pitch is game decided, deep left. call it a single. the giants try to salvage one of three in milwaukee tomorrow afternoon. i wouldn't say the a's are openly licking their chops at the chance to play one of the worst teams in baseball, but they haven't hesitated. the houston astros, 1st inning, rough for prada. six runs given up in the 1st. josh redick had a little something to do with that. cashes a pair off the right with a double. chris young, seth smith in. eric sogard clean to right. another run. 6-1 lead. the bullpen shaky. bartolo colon the victory. records are
12:22 am
you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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you're talking about the warriors as a long shot tease days, that just means you're talking about steph curry, shattering the three-point record. this one belongs to steph curry. the easy, with his 270th three of the year, breaking ray allen's single season mark. andrew bogut, however, didn't show up tonight. they're going to need him in the postseason. nice rebound outlet. harrison barnes seems to do this once or twice a game.
12:26 am
worth a highlight reel. he had 8 points 10 rebounds. the warriors pull away late. curry had a little something to do with that. he stole it. a nice short game too. the warriors do clinch that 6th spot. game 1, denver saturday night on the road. the nfl, as you know has kind of turned into a draft day happening. we're creeping up on it. nerve wracking time for possible draftees. a big person of interest, nate montana. son of joe. >> awesome to be local. coming back where my dad played. just got to put your head down and try to make your own name. it's a blessing and a curse, you know? but you just try to ignore,
12:27 am
that's joe montana's son. you just go work and show them that you're a different player than your dad. >> seems to have a good head on his shoulders, can't wish him anything but the best. like he said, it is a blessing and a curse. >> he looks like his mom too. >> a good combination of both. can't do anything but wish him the best. before we go here, we have some new video from the sun valley mall in concord, where there was an armed robbery tonight. police say three men wearing hoods and jackets went to the macy's store, and directly to the jewelry counter tonight. they jumped over the counter, broke display cases and made off with a number of items. police tell us, one of the men had a gun. the getaway car was later found in pleasant hill. police say no shots were fired, and no one was hurt. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be here at 4:30 tomorrow morning with updated
12:28 am
information on that deadly, massive explosion that leveled buildings in a small texas town tonight. and of course
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